Why Toxic Players Always Appear in Mobile Games

Mobile games are an option for all game lovers because they are not only simpler but can also be played anywhere, nowadays there are many types of mobile games, from casual to competitive ones. Where the development of increasingly advanced technology makes the smartphone used is also increasingly sophisticated so that it is very easy to play more competitive games.

Like currently Mobile Legend, which is the most popular game in Indonesia, is a MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game that adopts 5 vs 5 players with the aim of destroying Tower Defense in order to win. With this game, the gamers community in Indonesia is growing wider.

Apart from Mobile Legend there are also other competitive games such as Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, CoD Mobile, and AOV. Enables mobile game lovers to show their expertise and skills in the hope of achieving the biggest target of playing games, namely becoming a Pro-Player and an E-Sports Athlete.

But for those who dream like that it will not only be very difficult but also impossible to materialize if you don’t have a good team or playmates who do have comparable skills. Because of course all of you already know that there are so many toxic humans in competitive mobile games.

Recognizing the word toxic can be interpreted as poisonous or deadly, now when connected with the word Player, humans are very poisonous and deadly. But it doesn’t mean poisonous or deadly because the way to play is good and makes people amazed, but the human result can make the game messy and cause the team to lose.

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Here is what is very surprising, why in the world of mobile games there is still such a thing as this Toxic Player. Which is very damaging to people’s desire to play competitive mobile games, which results in many players retiring or moving to other games.

Maybe the gamers here have met players like this where these toxic humans can be seen before the game starts or when the match is running. One of the things that toxic players often do, for example, the Mobile Legend game is very much.

The first thing that seems possible when making a Draft Pick for those who play Rank Match in Epic – Mythic Rank, with this toxic human’s desire to choose a hero that he wants or with free skins. Which sometimes just before the match can make other players lazy to try to win.

The second thing that can be seen is when the competition starts, with these toxic players usually not trying to give their best. The easiest thing is not knowing the name mini map or the gahol language “Buta Map”, actually this blind map problem is often experienced by the pretentious players too.

Another example could be trying to take a Buff which is sometimes needed more by Carry players who, if successful in bringing the team, can win the match.

Or don’t care if there is resistance from the enemy team, then this toxic player doesn’t try to help or give a warning if an enemy wants to attack secretly. This is where sometimes becomes a problem if you meet this toxic player.

The worst thing that often happens is saying harshly and giving insults to other players who are not playing well, which can cause fights between one team. Of course this is very dangerous in competitive mobile games.

Maybe it has become a question for everyone, why are there still toxic players like this? The answer is very easy, because those who don’t play properly will assume that other players won’t know who is behind the game’s avatar.

Indeed, the development of increasingly advanced technology can help many people, but it can be a tool for people with low mentalities to act arbitrarily and create chaos wherever they want, and one of them is in this competitive mobile game.