The Best Camera YouTubers Use Most Often

Along with the development of the world of technology, cameras are now not only used for photographing landscapes, but also many cameras that feature advanced features such as cool features for video recording and so on.

Of course there are many people who use the camera either just to keep memories or earn income from the camera. For example, vloggers or YouTubers.

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Vlogging, which is one of the hottest jobs today, can give you a lot of extra money, of course, if you use good equipment such as a camera that has high specifications, you can be famous and have a lot of money like a vlogger or Youtuber.

Sony A5100

One camera that is often used by YouTubers is the Sony A5100 which has a camera resolution of 24 Mega Pixels. With its flip-able touch screen feature, this Sony camera can make it easier for you to record videos.

Sony A5100 is equipped with a lightweight shape and thin size plus a stereo microphone that can make it easier for you to use it. With a maximum video resolution of 1080p / 60fps in Full High Definition, you can record videos and produce your vlogs nicely and attractively.

Xiaomi YI action Camera

Xiaomi is a gadget manufacturer that has popularized action cameras at affordable prices. This camera, which costs 1 million, has a lens with a capacity of 16 Mega Pixels that can produce videos up to 1080 60fps.

This camera, which is also waterproof because it has a Sony Exmor R CMOS sensor, you can use to record videos with cool results.

Nikon D3300

If you want to be satisfied recording video, you can try this one camera. With this Nikon D3300 camera, of course you can set ISO from 100 to 25600. A camera that has been equipped with a 3 inch LCD and a 24.2 Mega Pixel resolution camera with a CMOS DX-format sensor you can use to make good and high-quality videos.

Canon EOS 70D

Canon is indeed a camera that is not only suitable for photography, but is also widely used by YouTubers to make cool videos. The Canon EOS 70D is also included in a professional camera.

With a lens capacity of up to 20.2 Mega Pixels and a maximum video resolution of up to 1080p 30fps, you can produce videos that are no less cool than the vlogs of senior YouTubers.

This camera needs to be supported by a tripod so that it is balanced when you shoot your own video. The YouTuber who always uses this camera is Casey Neistat.

GoPro Hero4 Black

One of the best action cameras from GoPro is also often used by vloggers and YouTubers, known for its small size and practical portability.

With a 12 Mega Pixel lens capacity, the GoPro Hero4 Black can produce good quality videos that are comfortable to watch.