The Best Camera YouTubers Use Most Often Part 2

Digital cameras are electronic devices that are devoted to taking pictures and recording videos, with good and capable recording capabilities or taking photos with good results, making digital cameras an electronic device that cannot be replaced today.

Indeed, today’s technological advances have made smartphones very sophisticated even in the camera sector that can be used to take nice and neat pictures, even taking videos can also be stable with a resolution of up to 4K (3840 x 2160) 60fps.

But still digital cameras are the main choice for recording video especially for YouTubers, from beginners to professionals. Because there are things that are very different when recording a video via a smartphone or digital camera, which maybe not everyone understands this.

Read : The Best Camera YouTubers Use Most Often

Well, maybe for those of you who are looking for the best digital camera to just make videos to make mementos or maybe someone who wants to become a YouTuber, we will provide some of the best cameras for all of you. Where we have made the only part list, which you can see first. But if there is nothing in the first list that you like, then in the second part you can find what you are looking for, along with the review.

Olympus Stylus VG-180

The camera that fits in this pocket is also one of the best cameras commonly used by well-known YouTubers. With a CCD sensor 1/2, 3 inch with a resolution of 16 Mega Pixels, this camera is capable of recording videos with ISO up to 1600. You will be even more helpful to record videos with a 2.7 inch wide LCD.

Sony Cyber-Shot RX-100

You can use this Sony camera to record slow motion videos up to 1000fps. This camera is also one of the best cameras often used by YouTubers because of its maximum video resolution of 4K Ultra High Definition.

The Sony Cyber-Shot RX-100 also has a hinged LCD screen that makes it easier for you to make videos. This Sony camera is also equipped with a 20 Mega Pixel CMOS sensor.

Canon PowerShot G7 X

Has a physical form of a camera similar to the Sony RX 1000. This camera can be an alternative if you are low on budget but want to make a good and interesting vlog.

With a price much cheaper than the Sony RX 1000, this camera has a 20.2 Mega Pixel lens that is no less cool than Sony. This camera is also equipped with a flip-able and easy-to-use touch screen LCD screen.

Canon Rebel T6i

One camera output from Canon that has been equipped with ISO settings up to 12800 can be a mainstay for those of you who like to make vlogs at night or in dark places.

With a CMOS sensor that has a camera resolution of up to 24.2 Mega Pixels, the Canon Rebel T6i is a champion in recording video with cool quality. Canon Rebel T6i also has advanced features, namely WiFi and NFC connections to make it easier for you to transfer data.

Canon PowerShot G9X

One of the well-known camera manufacturers, there is no need to doubt the quality. This slim camera is powered by DIGIC and a lens capable of 3x optical zoom. The Canon PowerShot G9X looks stunning with its camera CMOS sensor which has a resolution of 20.2 Mega Pixels.

With an ISO that reaches 25600 and can be used to record full HD 1080p video, you can use this camera to make good and interesting videos. Apart from its slim shape, this camera is also not too heavy and certainly fits in your pocket.

DJI Osmo

For those of you who want to work by relying on a camera, this one item is worth having. Because the shape is not too big, it makes it easy to carry traveling. For those of you who want to be a YouTuber or are already a YouTuber, you must have this one item. The price is also not too expensive, with IDR 4,000,000 you can already have it.