Online Games That Can Make Money

When talking about online games, of course, is a game that you play using an internet connection. Online games started to boom around 2004, where we could only play them at Internet cafes or Internet cafes, but with the development of times and technology, now we can play online games only by using smartphones.

Online games are sometimes associated with negative things because they not only make it easy for children to become addicted to continue playing until they skip school or forget to study. But it also spends a lot of money to buy bills or hours to play in internet cafes and of course to buy items in these online games that use real money.

With things like that, of course, many parents worry if their children are familiar with online games because later they will become stubborn and forget about their education. Although nowadays playing online games can actually be in a good way, namely by becoming a pro player and winning big tournaments, it can not only make parents happy but also get a lot of money.

Well, maybe being a pro player in online games is a very distant dream. So to get money from playing online games, there are actually several ways, such as selling items or goods in online games that are played, opening services to play characters in online games, or selling characters in online games that are already strong.

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From doing this, we can get money from playing online games, but in previous years there was an online game that legally might not be legal but if you can make money then why not. Yep, we are talking about an online game that has the selling value of quite expensive items, namely poker chips at Zynga Poker, and Manggo Capsa Susun.

Indeed, this game has a fairly expensive selling value because the gameplay is very similar in general, especially at Zynga Poker which is a poker game that you can play if you have a Facebook account. And now there is an application on the Playstore if you want to try to play.

But when smartphones are still expensive, you can only play Zynga Poker at an internet cafe and log in or log in using your Facebook account. The first time we enter the game, we will be given a chip of 50,000 or 50K to play, and to get chips in Zynga Poker, you can win, do a daily login, or give it legally in the shop.

However, there is a fairly secret but common way to get chips at Zynga Poker, namely by buying them from friends or acquaintances. Which later, after we make a deal to buy the chips that have been determined, the number of chips we want will be sent.

How to send it is also indirect, such as sending credit or money from one account to another, because in the Zynga Poker online game there is a limit to sending chips of only 100,000 or 100K. So, if we buy 1000K or 1,000,000 chips, how do we send them?

For chips with a large nominal usually use the transfer method by playing normally as usual. “But” the selling party must always lose so that the chip that is sent can enter the buyer’s account. In this way it is actually rather safe because there are 2 players playing but actually transferring poker chips.

And when making a transfer, you have to be very careful not to have other people playing or watching, who might be reported so that the tires are unavoidable. That’s why sometimes chip transfer at Zynga Poker is very dangerous but also profitable.
Online Games That Used To Make A Lot Of Money

Why is it profitable? Okay, we will discuss a little in this section. Because when the online game was still widely played in internet cafes, the chip price was quite expensive. Where if we buy at a price of 10 thousand, we only get a range of 500k to 1 million or 1000K of chips, which at that time is quite difficult to collect.

And with a price of 50 thousand, you only get 3.5 million or 3,500K chips, if you want to buy chips as much as 10M or 10,000K you have to spend 150K.

It looks small for today but for school children, the price is quite expensive and also profitable. Because if we play from the beginning it will be very long to get chips of up to 1 Million or 1000K from just 50K.