Common Problems on Smartphones and How to Overcome Them!

As a support for daily activities, smartphones offer many conveniences. But what if the EVers smartphone suddenly has a problem? Apart from time, Evers’ energy and mind must also be drained thinking about the problems on your smartphone.

To fix this, here are common problems with smartphones and want to know and how to solve them?

  1. Hang

The most common problem with smartphones is hangs. When it hangs, EVers’s smartphone will become stuck, the touch screen is unresponsive, and any process will suddenly get stuck.

Hang often happens when EVers internal memory is almost full. In addition, Random Access Memory (RAM) as a temporary data storage area that is almost full is also one of the causes of problems with this smartphone.

The fix is ‚Äč‚Äčeasy, just delete some applications that you feel are less important to avoid overflowing internal memory. If all applications turn out to be important and must be on a smartphone, EVers can install external memory to increase space for these applications.

In addition, EVers can increase RAM capacity with SMAP memory to reduce hang problems on smartphones.

  1. Bootloop

Unlike hangs, bootloop is a problem with a smartphone when the smartphone crashes and then restarts by itself.

Derived from a combination of the word boot which means turning on the device and loop which means repetition or repetition, bootloop itself means the process of rebooting itself without entering the system continuously.

Generally, this one smartphone problem occurs when you tamper with the smartphone system not according to the procedure. In addition, a full cache and too long application usage to make the smartphone have difficulty booting can also cause bootloops

The solution to solve the bootloop is to turn off the smartphone and pull out the battery for a few moments. If after installing and restarting the battery it still doesn’t work, EVers can do a factory reset or restore it to the original or factory settings through the recovery system.

  1. Slow

Slow is a problem that often occurs on smartphones. Especially if the EVers smartphone has been used for a certain period of time.

The cause of the problem on this third smartphone is the internal memory and RAM that are too full to cause smartphone performance to be slow.

EVers can solve this problem by balancing usage with the memory available on the smartphone. In addition, you must be diligent in cleaning cache or remaining continuous storage data so that smartphone performance is lighter and smoother

  1. Screen Turns White

The problem with this smartphone is when the EVers smartphone runs as usual with vibration and sound modes that are still functioning, but the screen is only plain white.

This problem generally occurs because the smartphone battery is too hot to damage the LCD or screen. Because it is classified as a quite serious problem, EVers can bring the smartphone to a service place and replace the LCD.

To prevent this, avoid excessive smartphone use. If EVers feel the smartphone is starting to feel warm, try to rest it first by turning it off or not using it for a while.

  1. Battery Power Shrinks Fast

This rapidly shrinking battery is a scourge for every smartphone user.

The solution to this one problem is to turn off unnecessary applications through the settings and battery features. In addition, EVers can also download a battery saver application to help save smartphone battery power.

Also avoid using your smartphone like crazy and charging your smartphone without knowing the time, because this will also damage the battery and make it “leaky”.