Can Playing Online Games Make You Money?

Talking about online games, from those using consoles or smartphones, there are many kinds, from those that are just casual games to truly competitive ones. If we look at the past 10 years, the existence of online games is still very rarely found, and if there is any, you have to play it in an internet cafe (Internet cafe).

But nowadays to play online games is very easy because by using a communication tool that becomes a smartphone, you can play games anywhere easily. For those who want to play online games from a console platform, you can use a laptop that now has good performance and is also an affordable price.

With the ease of playing online games, sometimes it makes some people, including parents, worry because if you play games you will forget about other activities such as studying, or maybe lazy looking for work.

Indeed, the disease from playing games will never go away, maybe even worse with this online game. Because now we can interact with people from other parts of the world just by playing online games, and that’s where we should be able to think whether our life is just playing online games?

Playing online games is okay but also has to be limited, because there are still many activities that can be done than just playing online games. From starting to earn money by working, or opening a business, and for students by studying as hard as possible so that their parents can be happy.

But why do some still leave their work or school to play online games, is it true that playing online games can make money? If there is such a question then the answer is Yes. It is not strange if playing online games can make quite a lot of money, and it has become commonplace that many people use this business as income.

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If we talk about Can Playing Online Games Make Money? In fact, this practice has been done for a long time, from the start of developing online games. The most basic thing to make money from online games is to sell Rare Items, Best Equipment, or Accounts in the game for the cheapest prices around tens of thousands to tens of millions.

Then there are also several other ways to get money from playing online games, namely by opening a service to play multiple player accounts for several days to months, or you can call it jockey services. Usually this jockey service is used by online game players who may be busy with work to order people they know to play online games so they can stay competitive.

Of course this jockey service is very profitable especially for gamers who do their job to play online games, with this job they can still play online games but get money from their services.

Well, maybe those are just some of the ways to make money playing online games. For those who are further away and professional, there are several ways, namely the easiest is to become a streamer on streaming applications such as Twitch or Youtube while displaying your skills in playing the desired online games.

This method is very easy and doesn’t take a lot of time, but to make money by becoming a streamer you need luck and consistency in order to attract viewers to be able to see the content you create. If you have succeeded in becoming an online game streamer, we are very sure that later you can make a lot of money easily.

And a way that is quite difficult to get and indeed the skill or skill determines it is to become an E-Sports athlete. When talking about E-Sports, of course many are familiar with the word, and it is certain that someone wants to be one of these E-Sports players.

But it is very unfortunate, just like being a sports athlete in general, becoming an E-Sports athlete is not as easy as it thinks. Because there are so many important things that you must have, such as talent in online games, expertise in playing online games, and skills when playing online games.

If you have met the expected criteria then there is a possibility to become an E-Sports athlete, why is it possible? Because other very important things are connections or acquaintances and sponsors.

Well, that’s why sometimes being an E-Sports athlete is somewhat complicated and difficult. Although nowadays he sees it very easily, but actually the conditions are very difficult to pass.