Buy and Sell Online Game Accounts

Talking about buying and selling, what usually comes to your mind is selling or buying electronic goods and home appliances, maybe some are selling and buying credit balances. But when online games became popular and easy to play, game accounts buying and selling emerged, which is an activity that gamers often do.

Of course selling game accounts is sometimes done because the player is bored with the game or is in need of money. The price of a game account also varies from the cheapest, around 50 thousand to millions of rupiah, how come it can be expensive?

Because sometimes the price of an online game account is appreciated by how good the character is, starting with the equipment used, the items you have, or if there is a pet system, the pet price is also a determinant. Don’t forget that nowadays there are skins for characters so the number of skins you have can also increase the price of the online game account.

But not all online games are pegged at that because each online game has a value when it is sold. Like in most of these online mobile games, the price of an account will be appreciated by how many characters you have, because the average game that has a high price is a gacha game or a game by getting characters from summon.

That’s where the price of an account can become expensive if the online game account can have rare or limited characters. So there will be lots of online game activists who want to have it so they are willing to pay a fortune for the online game account.

After that there are also those who call progress or how long have you played the game, because sometimes with a long enough progress, there will be lots of characters that are already strong. So for new game players who are lazy to build their characters, they can buy an online game account from someone who has been playing for a long time.

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From some of these factors, you can see what the price of an online game account is, which, if you see or pay attention to it in forums or groups, buy and sell it will give different prices. Why did it happen? Because by default there is no standard base price for buying and selling online game accounts.

In fact, buying or selling online gaming accounts is not legal / illegal. So the price is pegged sometimes from the first selling it, or through a deal from the seller and the buyer. So that from this price it can be the basis for the lowest price to the most expensive online game account.

If there is an online game account that is selling for up to millions or tens of millions, then the account owner may feel it is appropriate to sell it at that price. For example, in the gacha game again where the owner has spent a lot of money and time playing the online game. So that when you want to sell it, you will be given a high price, which may not be comparable to what is issued.

If someone sells online game accounts at high prices, then the members of the forum or group will know and judge whether the seller is appropriate to set the price for his online game account. If you are familiar with the game you are playing, then on average the other members will appreciate or help the seller because if it is calculated by the selling price from the seller and when playing from the beginning it will be very much cheaper.

So the question is, Is Buying and Selling Online Game Accounts Profitable? If from the seller’s eyes, sometimes it can be profitable or not depending on the game that is played, if from the buyer’s eye it will be very profitable because you can buy it for years.

But all of that returns to necessity because the name of online games will sometimes decrease in players, so there are still people who love to buy online game accounts. If the game is still popular, there is no problem having an online game account by purchasing.