A Causes of Less Popular Rhythm Games in Indonesia

Android games are one of the platforms that are currently becoming very popular and are played by gamers in the world. By downloading it for free on the Playstore or Apple Store, it makes it easier for gamers to choose the game they want, especially now that there are many variations and types of games that vary depending on the suitability of the user.

From the simplest genres such as casual games to those that require more time to play, such as the action genre and RPG games, you can choose freely. Especially in Indonesia, games that are more popular with MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena are starting from 5 vs 5 or Battle Royal type games.

Of course, this popularity can arise because there are so many professional players who appear because of the moba game. Not only that, playing the moba game on a smartphone is also a very favorite because it can be played anywhere and can immediately play with teammates directly or use voice chat.

But apart from that, there are actually many genres or types of games that are very fun and also exciting, but also can train the brain’s response to be faster, namely Rhythm Games. Maybe many don’t know or at least have heard of this type of game.

Have you ever heard or played Come Dance! which is one of the games developed by Megaxus for the Indonesian version. If you don’t know, Ayo Dance can be included in the Rhythm Game which was quite popular in its time, because the game can be used as a place to compete playing skills while listening to popular music.

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Not only that in Let’s Dance! itself also provides various kinds of avatars and skins to be able to enhance the profile so that it can attract the attention of other players or maybe female players who want to get acquainted. And it’s no wonder that this game can be a place to find a mate because there is a system of giving gifts or gifts.

Okay, besides Let’s Dance! actually there are lots of other Rhythm Games that you may have played, such as Guitar Hero which comes from the Playstation or OSU platform! I’ve heard of is also a Rhythm Game for computers.

Well, for Android games there are actually a lot of Rhythm Games that you can try and play, one example is Cytus, Cytus II, Deemo, Arcaea, VOEZ, and others. Or for those who are looking for Rhythm Games with a more anime-like format, how come there are also like Love Live! School Festival, BanG Dream !, Idol M @ ster, and others.

By The Way, besides the Rhythm Game, there are actually more and this one is more focused on Korean or K-Pop lovers such as SuperStar BTS, SuperStar SMTOWN, SuperStar JYPNATION, SuperStar IZ * One, and other SuperStar. Indeed, the name is a little different and each game has a different artist depending on the agency that released the Rhythm Game.

But as long as it pleases the fans, there is no problem playing the Rhythm Game you want while listening to songs from your favorite band or group.

Okay, now to the discussion of the title. Why are Rhythm Games less popular in Indonesia? Actually it is not unpopular but many people like it and prefer Rhythm Game more than other games. However, the community itself is not as big as games from other genres.

Where when you play Rhythm Games in a public place it will look embarrassing or maybe you are considered Cupu? It’s different when you play moba games like Mobile Legends, which many people will peek at like kids because you play a popular game.

Even though playing Rhythm Games is actually very fun and can also train your brain to move and react quickly. But unfortunately not everyone knows about this and thinks Rhythm Games are only for small children, even though in general playing games can be considered like a child.

This difference is what makes this Rhythm Game rarely played in general and even seen directly, unless the game is very popular like Ayo Dance! maybe you are still given a good response Different when playing other games that are foreign to gamers’ ears ???? in Indonesia.

So for those who like Rhythm Games, don’t hesitate to play in public places or if you have free time, because actually when you can show your skills playing the game it can make other people curious and think of yourself as good at playing games.