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Top 3 Green Sport Stadiums

The building industry is going green at an increasing rate. More and more projects are using sustainable building materials,and the design of buildings is more accustomed to creating environmentally friendly functionality. This new trend is also present in the way new sport stadiums are designed and built.

The trend towards sustainability is really challenging the way stadiums are designed and there are a lot of great innovations coming out in the field of green building. Here are three of the best green sport stadiums.

1. The Staple’s Centre, Los Angeles, US

The busiest sports centre in North America is the Staple’s Centre and it is a wonderfully innovative building for sustainable energy. The stadium has giant solar panels attached outside, which provide around 20% of all the energy the building needs. According to Reuters if all arenas and stadiums had the same type of solar panels they would create a reduction of 85 million pounds in carbon emissions.

2. Rectangular Stadium, Melbourne, Australia

A green sports stadium with a very beautiful design is most definitely the Rectangular Stadium built in Melbourne, Australia. This bubbly looking stadium is green because it is build in such a way that it uses only half of the amount of steel that conventional stadiums supporting this sort of roof would have used.

One of its best green qualities also come from the fact that it collects all the rainwater and then reuses it inside the stadium. Not only does it use the rainwater for its own internal use, the collection system is so powerful it can provide water to four other sports centres.


3. Wembley Stadium, London, UK

One great green sport stadium is the Wembley Stadium in London. Although Wembley doesn’t provide the same sort of innovative green architecture as the other two stadiums in this list,

Wembley has some great green policies and practices. This is one important aspect of green sports venues that is often overlooked.

For instance, the recycling scheme in place at Wembley is really effective and means that almost 80% of the waste produced at Wembley will end up being recycled.

Upcoming 2022 Showcase Stadium

There are also lots of green building projects coming up in the near future. For instance the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar will see a great green innovation in the form of the 2022 Showcase stadium. The stadium can boast about being the first zero carbon stadium, putting it on top of the list innovative green stadiums.

It will use solar energy to provide all the energy needed for its upkeep. The building also uses Vector Foiltec to provide ETFE panels that help keep the soaring heat outside while still providing a lot of natural energy on the inside.

The above sport stadiums have done a lot in their field to inspire green building and innovation to develop. As clearly evident in the 2022 Showcase stadium green building in sports venues is moving forward in great leaps. All of these stadiums also offer beautiful sights to look at and are amazing feats of architecture.

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