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Oct 01

The Effects Of Soil Pollution On Our Health And Vegetation

Soil becomes polluted when there are toxic chemicals present in high concentrations making it dangerous to our ecosystem and health. Soil pollution also occurs when the levels of the contaminants exceeds the natural levels of contaminants in soil. These contaminants can be Organic and inorganic which can occur naturally in the soil or man made.

Sep 25

Water: the Non-replenishable Resource

You may be used to your regular water delivery in London, but a growing percentage of the world is starting to run out of water, if they haven’t run out already. What’s interesting is that it’s not just developing countries that are in trouble. The USA, UK, Australia and many countries in Europe are on

Aug 18

New Technologies that can Purify Water

Water is one of our most precious resources. It is absolutely necessary for our survival. Whether you live in the city or the country, the odds are your water is not totally purified. Some of the most common adulterants in water include hazardous chemicals, bacteria, fungi, parasites, algae and viruses.
Symptoms associated with drinking bad

Aug 17

How Is Waste Water Treated?

Water treatment plants are facilities that remove contaminants from water so it can be used for drinking or other purposes. The process of treating contaminated water includes four operations. The first of these is pre-treatment.
Since the water will be passing through pumps and other equipment, it is necessary to remove large objects such as