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Oct 02

You’re already drinking recycled water, you just don’t know it

Some people take it for granted that they can get clean, cold aqua from a water dispenser. London is one of the cities where people are used to water as an inalienable right, but few are aware that the city is actually in danger of experiencing a water shortage. In 2009, timesonline.co.uk ran an article

Sep 18

Simple Ways To Make Your Home More Environmentally

What can we do to protect the environment? Without pay too much, which seemed to be difficult, if not impossible. Do your part does not need to be tough. Small steps lead to a big difference, you just need to know what lasts.
Use less water.
It is many small steps to save water, here

Sep 03

5 Ways to Make Your Home More Green Friendly

In 2011 there are more and more people who want to make their lifestyles more eco-friendly. This has a knock on effect in all parts of life such as diet, shopping, fuel and of course in the home. By going green in your home, you can help to protect the planet while also saving money

Aug 16

Reduce Hot Water Usage Tips

Fix Leaks
You can significantly reduce hot water use by simply repairing leaky faucets, showerheads or pipes. A leak of one drip per second can cost $1 per month. If your water heater’s tank leaks, you need a new water heater.

Install Low-Flow Fixtures
Federal regulations mandate that new

Jul 15

Purchase Energy-Efficient Dishwasher and Clothes Washer

The biggest cost of washing dishes and clothes comes from the energy required to heat the water. You’ll significantly reduce energy costs if you purchase and use energy-efficient machines.

Conventional wisdom says that washing dishes by hand saves hot water. If, however, you wash dishes several times a day, this

Jul 07

More Hot Water Heater Tips

Lower the Water Heater Thermostat
You can reduce water heating costs by simply lowering the thermostat setting on your hot water heater. For each 10ºF reduction in water temperature, you can save 3%-5% in energy costs.
Although some manufacturers set water heater thermostats at 140ºF, most households usually only require them set at 120ºF.

Jun 26

Tips For Cost-Effective Hot Water Energy-Savings

Install aerating, low-flow faucets and showerheads.
Repair leaky faucets promptly; a leaky faucet wastes gallons of water in a short period of time.
Lower the thermostat on your water heater; water heaters sometimes come from the

May 02

Go Green In Your Home – And Save Too

If you want to go green in your home, and save a little money at the same time, it’s never been easier. As the planet faces an uncertain future of global warming, which is believed to be the result of us all burning fossil fuels indiscriminately, we all have a duty to do the best

Apr 15

Feng Shui Tips to Love the House You Are In

Feng Shui is a means by which people can feel more peaceful and content in their personal space. It’s more psychological than theological, although some practitioners of Feng Shui believe in the invocation of the god of luck. If you would like to bring Feng Shui into your home, here are some tips on how

Feb 13

Easy Ways to Fight Global Warming

You don’t need an environmental advocate to tell you that the earth is shouting for help. Just by looking at your surroundings, you’ll realize that the earth is in great disarray and needs a bit of uplifting from its inhabitants.
Global warming is one of the earth’s biggest problems right now. If you think you