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Nov 14

Europe’s Renewable Energy Sector

Europe has always had a continuing problem with energy security, it has driven the continent to be more efficient with energy use, it has driven the nations of Europe to war with each other and to also take resources from other countries. It was a key motivation for Hitler to launch the German invasion of

Sep 18

Simple Ways To Make Your Home More Environmentally

What can we do to protect the environment? Without pay too much, which seemed to be difficult, if not impossible. Do your part does not need to be tough. Small steps lead to a big difference, you just need to know what lasts.
Use less water.
It is many small steps to save water, here

May 02

Go Green In Your Home – And Save Too

If you want to go green in your home, and save a little money at the same time, it’s never been easier. As the planet faces an uncertain future of global warming, which is believed to be the result of us all burning fossil fuels indiscriminately, we all have a duty to do the best

Mar 05

Simple and Inexpensive Ways to Prevent Global Warming

Efforts to prevent global warming or at least, reduce the effects of it are already being conducted by the international community. But the government can only do so much; we too have the responsibility and we have to make sure that we contribute to this global effort in our own little way. Here is the

Feb 17

30 Ways to Stop Global Warming

Drive smart. Avoid abrupt acceleration and unnecessary braking. Drive at constant speed. These do not only save gas, but also save your life

Keep your car maintained. On-schedule tune-up, air filter cleaning, change oil, and   keeping tire inflated improve you fuel mileage and reduce carbon emission.

Avoid excessive idling.