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Aug 13

5 Benefits Of Waste Management

Waste management is a matter of extreme importance which unfortunately doesn’t get its due. It is a matter most houses and commercial institutions ignore or take for granted. The commercial and household wastes which are carelessly dispersed have a hazardous effect on our dear planet. So for our own sake and the future, here are

Feb 10

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Jul 15

Is Zero Waste Possible?

The philosophy of zero waste is an intriguing prospect that has caught the eye of environmentalists and industrialists alike. The idea that we could produce the goods and services we need without any improvident by-products is enough motivation to spur many into action. However, the definition of zero waste is not exactly agreed upon by

Aug 27

Interesting Recycling Facts

Global awareness of human’s negative impact on the environment grows year on year. Many individuals, families and businesses are now making a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint by embracing sustainability schemes such as recycling. If everyone made the effort to recycle, huge positive environmental changes could be made globally, minimising our damage to

Aug 17

How Is Waste Water Treated?

Water treatment plants are facilities that remove contaminants from water so it can be used for drinking or other purposes. The process of treating contaminated water includes four operations. The first of these is pre-treatment.
Since the water will be passing through pumps and other equipment, it is necessary to remove large objects such as