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Dec 16

How To Recycle Old Power Tools

As power tools get older, you start to consider whether it’s worth replacing them and opting for a younger model. At some point, you have to consider how you’re going to dispose of some of your old power tools. There are a range of ways you can do this in. We’re going to discuss

Sep 21

Little and effective ways to love your planet.

Opinions on the state of this planet’s welfare are incredibly mixed. Some think excesses are taking their toll, while others think we’re right on track. No matter what your views, it stands to reason that this planet is the only one we’ve currently got. That said, if we each feel we make a difference then

Aug 17

How Is Waste Water Treated?

Water treatment plants are facilities that remove contaminants from water so it can be used for drinking or other purposes. The process of treating contaminated water includes four operations. The first of these is pre-treatment.
Since the water will be passing through pumps and other equipment, it is necessary to remove large objects such as