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Oct 01

The Effects Of Soil Pollution On Our Health And Vegetation

Soil becomes polluted when there are toxic chemicals present in high concentrations making it dangerous to our ecosystem and health. Soil pollution also occurs when the levels of the contaminants exceeds the natural levels of contaminants in soil. These contaminants can be Organic and inorganic which can occur naturally in the soil or man made.

May 24

Nail Fungus Infections: A General Overview –Part 2

Nail Fungus Infections: A General Overview –Part 2Nail fungus infections are caused by various factors. It is easier for the nail to get infected when an individual is injured and when the shoes are so tight to the extent that the hoes pinch the person. It is very easy to get and contract nail fungus

May 23

Nail Fungus Infections: A General Overview –Part 1

Are you thinking you might have an infection of the nails? It is possible. But don’t conclude until you are done reading these series on the general overview of nail fungus infections. In these series, you’ll learn what nail fungus infection is, what causes it, its cure and treatment and preventive measures. Nail fungus also