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Nov 15

New Way to Cut Fuel Consumption and Emissions

The price of diesel and petrol is stressing everybody. Availability and price was already an issue In Karl Benz’s days. His early customers had to buy petrol in small quantities from pharmacies that sold it as a cleaning solvent. Henry Ford designed his first cars to run on hemp gasoline, because he believed in

Feb 19

Graphene’s Back, And It’s Ready To Set Records For Energy Efficiency

There’s been a whole lot written about graphene. This so-called miracle material, which consists of a single ‘2D’ layer of graphite atoms, has been posited as a possible game-changer for everything from batteries and transistors to DNA testing and bike tyres.
Indeed, graphene boasts a bevy of amazing properties. For example, it is extremely conductive,

Oct 31

Going Green With A Tankless Hot Water Heater


Sep 12

Artificial Grass Is Great For Your Lawn – But It Doesn’t Stop There!

The growing garden trend for artificial grass is seeing more and more people choosing to lay artificial grass down instead of real grass. It’s not hard to see why either – it provides a guaranteed green and lush lawn all year around, and there is absolutely no maintenance. No more pushing a lawn mower

Jun 21

How To Ensure You’re Eco-Friendly At Work

A lot of people tend to be of the opinion there’s not much point being eco-friendly if no one else is going to be, as one person cannot make that much impact. This is untrue and rather selfish for statistics have proved it only takes one person to recycle a single glass bottle to save

Mar 05

Eco-Friendly Ways To Dry Your Clothes

Sep 02

The Renewable Energy Sources of Tomorrow

Some would claim that renewable energy needs to think bigger. Green energy has been touted as an inevitable and necessary movement for decades, but its productivity still lags far behind traditional methods.
Solar panels and wind turbines receive a lot of criticism and provide only a small percentage of our energy needs. What we need is