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Jul 09

Can Garden Roofs Combat Global Warming?

Green Roofs Are Winning The Battle Against Climate Change
Find out how garden roofs full of green vegetation help to both insulate and cool our buildings whilst reducing the acidity of rain in our cities.
New research from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in the US suggests that the

Mar 13

5 Ways To Stay Green In Austin, Texas

In the 21st century, most people have recognized the value of going green. Whether they want to do their part to save the planet or simply want to gain the economic benefits of going green, almost everyone is getting in on the act. For homeowners in Austin, there are many ways they can save money

Jan 22

6 Ways To Turn Your Company’s Trash Into Treasure

Businesses use many supplies to keep products moving, from manufacturing to shipping tools. Once an item is no longer useful, however, it is typically relegated to a warehouse corner to collect dust. For many businesses, storage space is money. Keeping unwanted items creates clutter and reduces productivity. Keep your business moving by turning your trash

Nov 26

6 Effective Ways To Stop Water Pollution

Water Pollution

Oct 31

Going Green With A Tankless Hot Water Heater


Oct 09

How Best To Protect The Environment

Jul 31

Top 3 Green Sport Stadiums

The building industry is going green at an increasing rate. More and more projects are using sustainable building materials,and the design of buildings is more accustomed to creating environmentally friendly functionality. This new trend is also present in the way new sport stadiums are designed and built.
The trend towards sustainability is really challenging the

Jul 27

The Way To Make Your Business Environmentally Friendly

So what is a carbon footprint? It’s a phrase that has been used by the media a lot in recent years yet many of us don’t really know what it means. Simply put, it’s the amount of greenhouse gas you, your company or business emits on a monthly or yearly basis.
There are many ways

Jun 21

How To Ensure You’re Eco-Friendly At Work

A lot of people tend to be of the opinion there’s not much point being eco-friendly if no one else is going to be, as one person cannot make that much impact. This is untrue and rather selfish for statistics have proved it only takes one person to recycle a single glass bottle to save

Jun 13

How Can China Reduce Carbon Emissions?

The global community has given China many labels in recent years.  While controversies surrounding human rights have gained much media attention, one of the more complementary descriptions China has earned recently is that it is the ‘factory of the world.’ However, one consequence of having a huge economy and earning billions of dollars in revenue