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Nov 30

Global Warming Facts And The State Of The Earth

Mother earth

Our planet is constantly changing. Climates are fluctuating, animals are perishing, and humans are creating. But from our creations, we are potentially harming the Earth in ways we had not imagined; in ways we had not intended. Through the use of technology and machinery, we have created an enemy that goes by the name of

Jun 13

How Can China Reduce Carbon Emissions?

The global community has given China many labels in recent years.  While controversies surrounding human rights have gained much media attention, one of the more complementary descriptions China has earned recently is that it is the ‘factory of the world.’ However, one consequence of having a huge economy and earning billions of dollars in revenue

Apr 22

The Unabated Near Future Impact due to the Continuation of Global Warming

The most alarming phenomenon of global warming has continued to spread and rise at such a rate that we can either keeps observing it or take some efforts to minimize its impact. The former option has no importance in the world of mankind due to which the latter has taken its grip. Despite this, there

Sep 03

5 Ways to Make Your Home More Green Friendly

In 2011 there are more and more people who want to make their lifestyles more eco-friendly. This has a knock on effect in all parts of life such as diet, shopping, fuel and of course in the home. By going green in your home, you can help to protect the planet while also saving money

Jun 13

The Truth On A Gas Can Be Powered By Water Or Not…

You’ve heard about the entire “water car” craze, right?
Now the biggest question is whether this is for realistic or just a scam. Even though I was sceptic, I decided to purchase a guide that promised to teach me how I can make my own water fuel Device and set up & run it  on my car.

May 07

Examples Of How Going Green Saves You Money

There are many examples of how going green saves you money. Kermit the Frog was wrong – it is easy being green, and it saves you money at the same time. As the planet faces a period of warming where our actions are believed to be the prime cause, it makes sense to seek out

Feb 20

Raising Consciousness on Global Warming

The changes on the lifestyle of the people brought negative effects to the earth. For the past years, scientists have been studying the effect of industrialism on earth. They have found out that the earth’s surface temperature has grown warmer. Global warming is a global problem that needs global action. If we don’t start taking

Feb 13

Easy Ways to Fight Global Warming

You don’t need an environmental advocate to tell you that the earth is shouting for help. Just by looking at your surroundings, you’ll realize that the earth is in great disarray and needs a bit of uplifting from its inhabitants.
Global warming is one of the earth’s biggest problems right now. If you think you

Feb 12

Mother Nature

What You Can Do For Mother Nature
Global warming is the increase in
temperature of the earth’s surface. Because of the greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane, the earth is unable to release the heat on the earth’s atmosphere. The heat would accumulate on the earth’s atmosphere and eventually have an effect