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Nov 30

Global Warming Facts And The State Of The Earth

Mother earth

Our planet is constantly changing. Climates are fluctuating, animals are perishing, and humans are creating. But from our creations, we are potentially harming the Earth in ways we had not imagined; in ways we had not intended. Through the use of technology and machinery, we have created an enemy that goes by the name of

Oct 09

How Best To Protect The Environment

Aug 08

What Large Companies Are Doing To Help The Environment

Many large companies are setting a new standard for eco responsibility in the commercial and business sectors.  It is significant that large companies are paving the way for more environmentally friendly as they are the biggest producers of carbon emissions and waste. By starting to change and adapt their working and manufacturing processes, they are

Jul 31

Top 3 Green Sport Stadiums

The building industry is going green at an increasing rate. More and more projects are using sustainable building materials,and the design of buildings is more accustomed to creating environmentally friendly functionality. This new trend is also present in the way new sport stadiums are designed and built.
The trend towards sustainability is really challenging the

Jul 03

Why Do People Think It Is OK To Litter?

Enviromental Danger

Don’t pretend you’ve never done it, we all have. Littering is something that most people would admit to doing at some point or another. Don’t think you ever have? Well, if you’ve ever left old train tickets on the train or left your popcorn box on the floor at the cinema, then you have littered.

Jul 01

Air Freight And The Impact It Has On The Environment

Boeing B-52H

Air freight allows countries and their businesses to expand and grow due to the capabilities of importing and exporting goods across the world. Although businesses see air freight as a must have in the business world, it is also worth considering the detrimental impacts it has on the environment.
Air freight is thought to be

Jun 03

The Top Benefits Of Commercial Sustainable Buildings And Why You Should Build Green

The era of solar and green environmental products has grown. As we drive through the streets of our city and town we see more sustainable and green powered vehicles. The same energy saving industry has expanded and entered the building and construction industry. As solar panels and other green friendly materials become more and more

May 20

Here’s 4 Ways Your Household Is Poisoning The Environment (And What To Do About It)

Most of us know that when we step outside of our doors we have a lot of dangers that face us. We do everything we can in order to protect ourselves from harm when we leave our houses. Those of us who are environmentally conscious will also make sure we are not doing anything that

Jul 03

Four Charities that can Change the World

Everyone dreams from time to time about changing the world. Here are four nonprofit organizations that are actually doing it!


CARE is a global humanitarian organization working to eliminate poverty through many different facets. They aim to improve peoples’ livelihoods by providing them with basic education, preventing the spread of disease,

Sep 27

“Green” Bombs: Does “Environmentally Safe” Mean “Okay?”

Shades of the movie “Matrix,” followed very quickly by “National Lampoon’s Vacation” and “Dumb and Dumber,” come to mind when considering some of the truly idiotic suggestions that have actually been voiced to counter alleged global warming, one of which was presented by a Nobel Laureate.
Reduce Global Warming by

A: Polluting