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Feb 19

Graphene’s Back, And It’s Ready To Set Records For Energy Efficiency

There’s been a whole lot written about graphene. This so-called miracle material, which consists of a single ‘2D’ layer of graphite atoms, has been posited as a possible game-changer for everything from batteries and transistors to DNA testing and bike tyres.
Indeed, graphene boasts a bevy of amazing properties. For example, it is extremely conductive,

Aug 31

Solar Energy To Get Boost From Cutting-Edge Forecasts

The National Center of Atmospheric Research (NCAR) is organizing a three-year, national scheme to produce unmatched, 36-hour predictions of inward bound energy for solar energy power plants, from the Sun by applying its atmospheric knowledge to the process of solar energy.
The exploration and research team is planning a prototype structure to predict sunlight

Jun 06

Know How: Adding Smart, Energy Saving Technology To The Brain Of Your Home

You work hard for the money you earn. You know the importance of a dollar and furthermore, understand just how much your family counts on you to do what’s right. Whether you are looking to save for retirement, a college fund for the kids or are simply on the lookout for new ways to

Jul 03

Four Charities that can Change the World

Everyone dreams from time to time about changing the world. Here are four nonprofit organizations that are actually doing it!


CARE is a global humanitarian organization working to eliminate poverty through many different facets. They aim to improve peoples’ livelihoods by providing them with basic education, preventing the spread of disease,

Aug 17

Easy Ways to Save Energy and Go Green at Home

Whether you are concerned about the Earth or looking for ways to garner some residential energy savings, there are a lot of energy saving tips that can accomplish one or both. Here are three of the easiest, which also happen to create the biggest impact in terms of Earth friendliness and your wallet.
1) Purchase