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Jun 06

Lighting Solutions That Will Save Your Family Money

If your family is using traditional light bulbs (also known as incandescent bulbs) then you are actually wasting more energy with each bulb than you are using. About 90% of the energy these bulbs create is lost in the form of heat. Luckily, there are a few other options on the market today that

Aug 28

6 Easy Steps To Incorporate Solar Energy Into Your Property And Eliminate Energy Shortages

The sun has been around for about 4.5 billion years, it is expected to be around for about the same period to come. The amount of solar energy reaching the earth surface is abundant, free and sustainable. It is also clean and requires minimal maintenance.
We can save our money through saving energy in many

Aug 17

Easy Ways to Save Energy and Go Green at Home

Whether you are concerned about the Earth or looking for ways to garner some residential energy savings, there are a lot of energy saving tips that can accomplish one or both. Here are three of the easiest, which also happen to create the biggest impact in terms of Earth friendliness and your wallet.
1) Purchase

Jun 05

Zero Energy Home – How Does It Work?

A zero energy home (ZEH) is one where all of the energy needs for the household are supplied by alternative means. It does not mean a home that uses no electricity. Solar panels and solar water heating systems are generally the form of energy employed by these homes, because they are residential. Residential wind turbines

Mar 26

Earth 4 Energy