Feb 25

Some Useful Earthquake Safety Tips to Avoid Facing Bad Repercussions

Earthquakes are the most fearful and destructive disaster for every human life on the earth. Its occurrence usually takes thousand of life, loss of property and happiness from the life of innocent people. Earthquake is one of the deadliest natural disasters due to its powerful intensity and abundance of force. From the past few years, many researches are going on to control or finding solutions to safe the human life from earthquake destructive forces, causing huge number of deaths all over the world. There are some specific areas which are considered under seismic zone which means that those regions are under constant threat of earthquake. Some of the areas are highly populated, therefore it becomes essential for them to learn careful measures to keep their families safe. Proper awareness and knowledge will help in minimizing the impact of earthquake on the human life.


Some Steps to take precautions for Earthquake Situation

Firstly, people can plan to earthquake resistant houses or offices with the help of professionals to save their life and happiness. Earthquake proof houses will reduce the effect of ground shaking developed from earthquake and seismic activities. A well structured building can lessen the impact of earthquake, if you stay inside that building during an earthquake it will provide you provide much safety.


Secondly, if earthquake occurs try to stop moving, running, from one place to another as it may injure you badly. It is always advised that people must find some strong table or bed to sit or hide. You can also arrange your furniture or other household items that if earthquake happens, it will minimize the damage.  Be careful in placing glass items or delicate materials in strong cupboards placed, and mainly preferred to keep them on the lower surface areas. You should avoid hanging paintings or other artifacts on the wall as tremors can make them fall on any of your family member.


People must regularly check their building condition and do the needful repairs if it requires. However, there are certain things you can do to stay safe during an earthquake which include giving proper instruction to the family members about the safety tips, make them learn some emergency contact numbers and preparing the emergency kits as well. If earthquake happen these small tips can save your family life and in case if any of the member gets injured you can provide them proper medication on time.


Minors Things which we ignore it can be a Reason of Death!!

Sometimes tremor intensity of earthquake is high which can lead to fire due to gas leakage or short circuits. In such earthquake event, it will increase the chances of the massive fire breakouts. So it becomes necessary to keep the building fully maintained along with the inclusion small fire extinguisher that will quickly control the small fire before they turn out into bigger. One of the important security measures is that you can also to turn off all the electrical and gas connections. If you are outside your home or office, just stay away from the trees, streetlamps and tall buildings as you can come under it debris unknowingly.


Even while driving during the earthquake, then just stop your vehicle and stay out. Basically, under such situation always avoid panic as it will create more accidents. If you will stay calm and alert then you can easily find various way outs to safe yourself. You can call for help by listening to the sound of rescuers around your area and can reduce exposures to risk as well.

Aimee Marshall loves to write on various topics. She is a mother of two and she always concern about safety for children while bathroom is wet. So she always prefers a bath mat in her luxurious bathroom.