Aug 29

Saving Water in the Kitchen

Cutting down on water usage and wastage in the household can save you a small fortune on your utility bills over the years. The many fixtures and appliances around our homes require masses of water (and gas, oil or electricity when the water is heated) to supply us with the conveniences and luxuries that we have become reliant on each day, and it may come as no surprise to learn that a huge amount of the water we use each day is used in the kitchen.

In this article we’ll take a quick look at some great effective ways that you and your family can cut down on water usage in your kitchen and start saving money, the easy way!

Simple Changes

The first water-utilising fixture in the kitchen that comes to mind is usually the sink; a leaking faucet can waste as much as 150 gallons of water a month (that’s up to 1,800 a year!) so be sure to start by checking it’s in good working order. If you find any leaks ta the top of the faucet, you can patch the problem up with a repair kit, a rubber washer or by replacing the cartridge or ball depending on the tap. If you find leaks underneath the faucet in the pipes, it’s likely the pipes need to be tightened or replaced, but be sure to turn off the water supply before making any repairs.

A highly efficient dish washer that is rated with an energy star or European Energy label will be sure to do the dirty work for you without going ‘overboard’ with water and energy usage. Be sure to only scrape the dishes off and not rinse them before putting them into the washer, this ensures the entire process only requires the water used by the washer.

Fill a filter jug or pitcher of water to keep in your refrigerator; the cool, refreshing supply of water will eliminate the need to leave the basin tap running while the water cools to a suitable drinking level. Also, when washing off fresh fruit and vegetables before preparing a meal, place a large plastic basin in the sink; this will catch the water which can be used for watering plants around the house or in the garden.

The household washing machine is certainly a key culprit when it comes to water consumption, but have no fear, today’s high efficiency machines are able to wash more clothes with less water; this means less water needs heating too! Again, be sure to keep an eye out for that European Energy label or energy star rated!

Saving water in the kitchen is a breeze, from replacing old or damaged appliances with more efficient and modern models to reusing dirty water to hydrate plants, making a few changes in your home will start to pay for themselves in no time at all.

Daniel Travis – Brown shares money saving tips, diy how to’s and eco alternatives on behalf of Bathshop321 Bathroom Furniture, find him on Twitter for links to more guides.