Mar 16

Man Versus Insect: A Top 5 List Of Deadliest Bugs


Let’s face it – insects are annoying. However, there are several different bugs that take things to another level; they can actually harm both people and animals. The following list centers around the top 5 deadliest bugs.

5. (Not) sweeter than honey

A bee sting, while simply painful for most people, can cause an allergic reaction in others. In fact, some people are so allergic to bees that one sting could be fatal if they don’t receive immediate treatment. The killer bee, otherwise known as the Africanized Honey Bee, is particularly dangerous because they have been known to target humans for no reason at all. Their death toll numbers in the thousands every year. It is comforting to know, however, that regular honey bees generally stay away from people. If they do sting, they inadvertently cause their own death.

4. A fiery bite

Fire ants are named for their bite; when someone is unfortunate enough to come across one of these little pests, they often feel as though their ankles are on fire. In general, fire ants spend their time eating plants and other insects. Still, if a human happens across a bunch of them, he or she in for a very unpleasant experience. Over a hundred people die each day as a result of fire ants. In addition, these little pests are also responsible for a lot of damage to crops as well.

3. Jumping pests

A type of grasshopper, locusts target farmland and are often the culprits behind extensive crop damage. While they don’t bite humans like some of the other pests on the list, they can cause our demise. If locusts are bad enough, they have the potential to contribute to a shortage of food, leading to starvation in some areas of the world. When a thousand or more of these pests work together, they are known as a swarm, and they can wreak havoc on thousands of acres of crops.

2. The kissing bug

Hemiptera attack larger animals and drink their blood with their long, tube-like mouths. These pests are different than both mosquitoes and ticks, and they can pass along Chagas disease. Once infected with this illness, a person can experience symptoms for over two decades and may die from complications related to the disease.

1. Not your average fly

Because mosquitoes are so common, many people don’t stop to consider how deadly these little pests can be. Since they feed on the blood of mammals, they are able to transmit certain diseases from one host to another. In particular, malaria is a huge concern in some parts of the world. Mosquitoes are a carrier of this disease, which has the potential to take more human lives in one year than any other bug-related disease.

If your home has an infestation of any of the bugs on this list, it is best to call a pest control company rather than trying to tackle the problem yourself. After all, since these insects can be dangerous, they are best left to the professionals.

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