Apr 28

Going Green, Where To Begin?

Go Green Now

If you are thinking of going green it can feel somewhat overwhelming, especially as there are different levels of eco friendliness and different opinions on what exactly constitutes an eco friendly living environment. Being green is a bit like being fit: for some people, fitness consists of walking to the nearest station every day and right on the other end of the scale there are people who run marathons and eat only raw food. Being green is the same, and you don’t have to live in a wind powered tend tend to live on the fat of the land to be green. You can be a little green, some green, very green or super green all dependent on your personal comfort level and ability. But of course, like every endeavor we all need a place to start and so to help you get started here is some easy ways to get yourself on the green road.

1.)  Things in bottles

We have labeled this point as things in bottles because if you look around your home, almost everything that is contained in a bottle from your bath shower, to your hand soap and your bathroom cleaner has a green counterpart. Not only that, making the changeover will have practically no impact on your day to day life whatsoever, apart from a small shift in your shopping habit and choices. Green products do the same things, and get the same results as their chemical counterparts with the exception that they cost less, are less toxic and significantly less likely to trigger allergies, illnesses or other negative affects that standard household products tend to do. Easy peasy huh!

2.)  Things that go in sockets

Yep, that’s right – appliances such as microwaves, toasters and kettles, and also minor things like light bulbs and lamps all have eco friendly counterparts which are just as effective as others and actually sometimes even more so. Eco friendly washing machines for example will wash faster, use less energy and last longer than standard washing machines. Eco kettles and toasters will also use less energy, look just as nice and do just as good a job as other kettles. In fact, we can even go so far as to say it’s not even going green, it’s going clever!

3.)  Where to throw things away

This is another key area that many people easily forget. You may have become accustomed to throwing everything you don’t want or need anymore in a single dustbin in your home, and changing this tactic may seem as more work than necessary. What you don’t realize is that this habit means you have to change the been more regularly, possibly every day or even twice a day! Simply adding a recycle bin for plastics, paper and cardboard will dramatically reduce the number of been changes you have conduct in a day or week and will also score you green points on the green scale (which we have totally made up for the purpose of this article, but hope that you get the green drift!)

Ben is an eco friendly blogger for Speedy Services. He loves to share ideas that help people go green.

Image courtesy of domdeen / FreeDigitalPhotos.net