Nov 30

Global Warming Facts And The State Of The Earth

Our planet is constantly changing. Climates are fluctuating, animals are perishing, and humans are creating. But from our creations, we are potentially harming the Earth in ways we had not imagined; in ways we had not intended. Through the use of technology and machinery, we have created an enemy that goes by the name of global warming.

Mother earth

Global warming has been a growing concern for many years all around the world. Greenhouse and other toxic gases have been continuously emitted into our atmosphere causing grave effects on the ozone layer—effects so grave that holes have been burned through in many areas, allowing the sun’s rays to easily pass through, becoming more dangerous to all living beings. These are only a few of the global warming facts that are known to man. There are many more related events happening all around the world.

Facts that Prove Global Warming is Happening

Many people are not familiar with global warming facts, or what global warming really is. The following are 9 facts about global warming to help individuals become familiarized with the epidemic:

  1.  Global warming is the increase of the Earth’s surface temperature due to the emission of greenhouse gases. An example of a greenhouse gas would be carbon dioxide, which is emitted from the burning of fossil fuels or the harvesting of forests/trees. The carbon dioxide traps heat that would otherwise leave Earth’s atmosphere, ‘causing adverse effects for all life on earth.
  2. Greenhouse gases themselves are not a horrible thing – in fact, they help to keep heat close to the Earth’s surface allowing us (humans) to live comfortably. But when these gases are over-produced and released into the Earth’s atmosphere, global warming takes effect.
  3. In this day and age, there are now more “smart” or “green” cars available. This means that they use less fuel and oil, which will emit fewer greenhouse gases.
  4. The buildup of carbon dioxide is constant, and there are larger amounts contained in the atmosphere every day.
  5. Sea levels have risen about seven inches in the last ten years after not changing for about 2,000. If sea levels continue to rise, the future of many cities could be threatened.
  6. Droughts, hurricanes, fires, and the melting of the polar ice caps are all results of global warming.
  7. The temperature in the U.S. has increased by 2 degrees in the last 50 years and precipitation by 5 percent
  8. This warming is capable of causing heat waves that contribute to illnesses or deaths related to heat.
  9. Many living organisms become endangered from global warming, such as coral reefs that run the risk of coral diseases from temperature elevation in the water and sea levels disturbing the reefs’ exposure to sunlight. Polar bears are also being placed in dangerous situations as their homes, the polar ice caps, begin to melt.

These global warming facts serve to prove that what is happening to the Earth is very real, and while changes may be slow (happening over a matter of years) the effects could speed up at any time. There is also the potential for massive earthquakes, storms and other such disasters to destroy parts of our planet, as well as the living beings and wildlife that cohabitate in these areas.

Loss of Ice

There are global warming facts that state that the arctic may have its first completely ice-free summer by 2040 or earlier. As polar bears and other creatures that thrive in the ice-filled region are already suffering due to the loss of ice, we can only imagine what will happen to them when the ice completely disappears. The melting of the ice caps will not only affect the inhabitants of that area, though, but also many other areas, as the melting will cause sea levels to rise, which can cause massive flooding.

As we have seen before with the tsunami disaster in Japan, Hurricane Katrina, sink holes in various regions, and catastrophic earthquakes, global warming can cause devastation and death. With greenhouse emissions still on the rise, we can only expect to see more of such events, unfortunately. In order to become fully informed about the consequences of global warming, make sure to research more global warming facts. Become educated and help make a difference in our world.

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This article was written by Amy Kim, who believes that everybody should have their global warming facts straight, and do their bit to keep our planet safe.