Sep 26

Garden Tools Most Essential For Your Green-Thumb

Have you just shifted to a new home with a garden or lawn? It looks good now but how long till it will start needing your attention. Buying a home with a garden would be one of the highlights then but it surely requires you to invest- quality time and least amount of money. If you already have a green-thumb then you know the requirements. But if not, then let us give you a few handy tips to keep your garden in shape. To start with, you need to know the tools and equipments that are essential for gardening.

This groundwork will help you understand better about gardening and its procedure:


It is one of the most versatile and important gardening tools; a must in a gardener’s shed. The kind of shovel you use will vary based on your requirement. It basically is used for digging plants out of the ground. Then, there is an angled blade one ideal for moving piles of soil, sand and other such materials. Flat, squared off blades comes handy for edging beds and making soil amendments. You can choose from the one that suits you and is easier for you to handle.


You need a trowel to plant perennials, bulbs, seedlings and other small plants. You can find them with different makes and forms starting right from steel to aluminum. Each one of their functions varies from the others. While some are made for cutting through small roots and debris, there are others that are made for digging out shallow-rooted weeds. Decide what your garden requires.


It is useful to keep overgrown shrubs and trees in proper shape and curbs from getting bushier. You don’t want them to end up taking up your neighbor or get out of the boundaries of your wall. It would turn into a huge mess then.

Garden Fork:

It is a must if you are planning to safely lift out the roots of an already established perennial. It is perfect for turning and aerating soil. You can use it to break up parts of the ground and divide the overgrown plants, perennial clumps or harvesting root vegetables.

Shears/ Scissors:

You can just put them in your pocket and use it to cut the stems of perennials, deadhead flowers, snip herbs or harvest different kinds of small vegetables. A gardener is not taken seriously till they are seen with a pair of scissors always around them.


Every rake holds different purposes and utility. Garden rake is useful to dress and smoothen the mulch or soil in a planting bed. It breaks up the small clods of soil and small stones and debris. A leaf rake is made of flexible tines either of metal, rubber, bamboo or plastic. It comes handy to gather light debris, rake up fallen leaves and smoothing freshly worked ground.

Water Hose/ Water Wand:

It plays a pivotal role in maintaining plants in any yard or garden that is larger than a few square feet. You can save yourself the time and energy instead of carrying a watering can in scorch to cold weather across the garden. It can be used to irrigate gardens, perforate hose trickles water into the soil, gradually delivering moisture to the root zone. In order to make it user-friendly, allowing the wand to grip easily, the handle is covered with foam or rubber coverings.


You can connect your sprinkler to a watering hose and deep soak your garden without you requiring to do any legwork. Save your precious time not standing there for long periods or carry on multiple trips with a watering can. You can even have an automatic timer attached to the sprinkler.

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Rachel Mills is the author of this guest post. She is freelance writer who enjoys gardening in her spare time. She feels that hedges not only add beauty to your garden but also make them look more appealing.