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Oct 17

The Process Of Cleaning And Disinfecting A Greenhouse

Jul 09

Can Garden Roofs Combat Global Warming?

Green Roofs Are Winning The Battle Against Climate Change
Find out how garden roofs full of green vegetation help to both insulate and cool our buildings whilst reducing the acidity of rain in our cities.
New research from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in the US suggests that the

Nov 07

Which Solar Panel Is Right For Your Home

Sep 22

Technologies That Will Help You Survive A Climate Apocalypse

Feb 07

Steps You Can Take At Home For A Greener Future

Nov 15

New Way to Cut Fuel Consumption and Emissions

The price of diesel and petrol is stressing everybody. Availability and price was already an issue In Karl Benz’s days. His early customers had to buy petrol in small quantities from pharmacies that sold it as a cleaning solvent. Henry Ford designed his first cars to run on hemp gasoline, because he believed in

Oct 31

Going Green With A Tankless Hot Water Heater


Sep 25

Free Boilers For Pensioners Under The Government ECO Scheme

Launched this year, the Government’s ECO (Energy Company Obligation) scheme offers assurance on the behalf of the big UK energy suppliers to provide affordable energy-saving improvements to consumers, and pensioners are set to be one of the groups that are most positively affected by the scheme. The scheme is part of the larger Government Green

Aug 20

Everything You Need To Know About Eco-Friendly Windows

Today, more than ever before, more and more people are becoming increasingly aware of how their actions, as well as the products that they purchase and use, impact the environment and even the lives of people and animals around the planet. Therefore, there are entire industries popping up or changing in order to meet new

Aug 08

What Large Companies Are Doing To Help The Environment

Many large companies are setting a new standard for eco responsibility in the commercial and business sectors.  It is significant that large companies are paving the way for more environmentally friendly as they are the biggest producers of carbon emissions and waste. By starting to change and adapt their working and manufacturing processes, they are