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Oct 17

The Process Of Cleaning And Disinfecting A Greenhouse

Jul 09

Can Garden Roofs Combat Global Warming?

Green Roofs Are Winning The Battle Against Climate Change
Find out how garden roofs full of green vegetation help to both insulate and cool our buildings whilst reducing the acidity of rain in our cities.
New research from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in the US suggests that the

Mar 28


In a world where everything is done on the run and more and more people complain about their lack of time, starting a new activity seems as a way of social suicide (you will have less time to see your friends and your family). This is why many people are quite reluctant in giving their

Feb 07

Steps You Can Take At Home For A Greener Future

Mar 13

5 Ways To Stay Green In Austin, Texas

In the 21st century, most people have recognized the value of going green. Whether they want to do their part to save the planet or simply want to gain the economic benefits of going green, almost everyone is getting in on the act. For homeowners in Austin, there are many ways they can save money

Feb 19

Graphene’s Back, And It’s Ready To Set Records For Energy Efficiency

There’s been a whole lot written about graphene. This so-called miracle material, which consists of a single ‘2D’ layer of graphite atoms, has been posited as a possible game-changer for everything from batteries and transistors to DNA testing and bike tyres.
Indeed, graphene boasts a bevy of amazing properties. For example, it is extremely conductive,

Feb 16

10 Famous Trees Around The World

Feb 09

What Is The Cost Of Solar Water Pump

There are various reasons why people decide to purchase a solar hot water system and the first thing they think about is the cost of solar water pumps. However, it is worth realizing that this up-front payment can translate to lesser water heating bills. Some people decide to install a solar hot water system

Feb 06

Tips For An Eco-Friendly Move

Jan 29

Creating Eco-Friendly Homes That Are Affordable

Eco-friendly homes are all the rage these days. They not only have the capacity to save you plenty of money on your electricity and heating bill, but are also generally better for the health of the planet because they use less energy and are often made with sustainably-sourced building materials.
So you’re keen on eco-friendly