Jun 26

6 Very Cool Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

If you know someone that’s environmentally conscious, finding the perfect gift for them can be a challenge.  The usual gift options – gadgets, cosmetics, and chocolates, might not appeal to your conservation-loving friend.  If you want to make sure that the gift you’re giving is ethically made and as waste-free as possible, then why not consider some of these eco-friendly products.  The following suggestions are all either sustainably made, or up-cycled items that any eco-conscious person should love:

Bhoga Messenger Bags:

This stylish messenger bag is made from sustainably grown help, with a strap made from recycled bike tubing, and an interior consisting of factory second vinyl.  It’s sturdy, attractive, and big enough for most day-to-day usage.

Geek Fun on Etsy

Even if you can’t use a seam welding machine yourself, you can still appreciate a welding job done well.  Etsy boasts numerous up-cycled gifts for the environmentally conscious, with everything from handmade jewellery to 18-inch tall AT-AT replicas made out of old computer parts, some artistic inspiration, and a talent for using welding equipment. The beauty of Etsy gifts is that they’re hand-made, so you can honestly say that the gift you’re giving is one of a kind.

Naturismo Cosmetics

The Naturismo store sells a range of skin care and hair care products as well as cosmetics and fragrances.  They cater to both genders and all ages.  All of the products they sell are eco-friendly products that are free from toxins, and have been produced in an eco-friendly way.  They don’t sell products that are tested on animals, and they take care to select suppliers that practice fair trade and sustainable manufacturing.

Recycled Jewellery

From hand-made ear rings and necklaces to custom belt buckles, recycled and upcycled jewellery makes a great gift.  In many cases, hand-made jewellery is of a higher quality to the stuff that you’ll find in a chain store, so it can be passed down from generation to generation.

Junk Sculptures

One man’s junk is another man’s treasured paperweight, hat stand, or garden ornament.  There are lots of independent artists that are using their skill with welding equipment to put together sculptures.  These items can be expensive, but they’re built to last, and make great conversation starters for the recipient.


One thing that many environmentally aware people struggle with is finding good shoes.  There are only a handful of companies that make good quality, ethically produced, shoes out of natural materials.  One such company is FeelGoodz – they make flip-flops that are natural, comfortable, and ethical.  The materials in the shoes are all either recyclable or bio-degradable. So, once the recipient decides that they’re finished with their flip-flops they can send them back to the company to be “unFlopped”.  They’ll earn points for sending them back, and the points can be redeemed for rewards.

Choosing a gift that’s good for the planet might seem like hard work, but it’s well worth doing.  While you’re shopping for your friend, why not pick something up for yourself too?

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