Dec 06

3 Checkpoints to Verify the Genuineness while Buying Green Products

Eco-friendly commodities have been the craze since past few years due to the rising environmental issues such as pollution and extreme temperatures. Because more and more folks are now becoming environment conscious, they are taking more interest in the products that do well to the environment. It is agreeable that this looks like a small measure, but it certainly has the power to make a lot of difference in the long run. This will become evident when everyone will start preferring only green products in this world, no matter whether it is the matter of construction, home cleansing, kitchen appliances, or interior decoration. So, are you going to join this big mission?



If yes, it is obvious that you will be soon out to buy these green products to convert your home from black to green. In that case, there are some things to look for while buying these products, as there are chances of getting cheated! Therefore, it is better to verify the authenticity of the claiming-to-be green items. Here is how to do so!

Dig Out How the Product Works

Before you buy an appealing green item, do not just go with the looks. Do make it a point to peep within in terms of how it works and how it differs from its equivalent items in triggering a difference. In this context, you can test its ability to reduce waste or harm. For example, an eco-friendly bulb promising optimal use of electricity should use minimum or less power. Similarly, another factor to test is the re usability  Products that are reusable are always greener than those that are disposable after one or few more uses. For example, for generating electricity, preferring solar panels than the standard electric connections is certainly wise because they are reusable! Although solar panels are costly than the normal way of enlightening the home, you at least won’t have to bother about constantly replacing them, which in turn, conserves energy as well as saves money.


Find out Whether the Product is Recyclable or Not

The ideal green product is always recyclable. This means you can either reuse it or split it to obtain the basic materials for use in near future in some other way.

Explore the Waste Management Policy of the Manufacturer

A genuine eco-friendly item will always be backed by a green manufacturing policy for waste management. For example, the company offering the green item itself must be the follower of green rules. For example, such a company will never dump their wastes in a way that harms the environment. Similarly, it will also use only green or renewable raw materials as well as follow a minimal waste procedure to make such items. Only such a company can offer genuine green products! What’s more to it is that such a company will also disclose green instructions and warnings on the packing of its products. This makes their consumers aware of what is right and wrong when it comes to taking utmost care of the environment.


Bio: Lavender Scarlet is a big fan of green products, which has inspired her to write on this hot topic. She has been using some of the genuine organic cleaning products for her home and is happy with them. Therefore, she highly recommends them!